Progress Updates: Stay on Track

Post Script

By Mitch | June 3, 2024

It has been more than a week since I returned home and I have had some time to reflect on our journey. The trip we took as cousins was and will remain one I will always retain fond memories of…

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By C3 on Route 66 | June 4, 2024

Mitch was the “official” photographer on our C3on66 journey. He is a talented shot, has an incredible eye for dramatic scenery, and wields a wicked digital SLR camera with trick lens… many times shooting one-handed over the windshield of a…

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MAY 22: FINALE, everyone is home safe!

By John | May 23, 2024

This trip has been a blast, now it’s time to finish the solo run back across the USA for home. I’m not sure yet how successful we were at raising money for our charities, I’ll scope that out in the…

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MAY 18-19: Heading Home & Afterthoughts

By John | May 20, 2024

Like most of our days on this quest, May 18 had a mixture of unexpected disappointment and fantastic-ness. Our appearance at the Santa Monica/ LA Children’s Hospital Walk & Play event didn’t happen, for logistical reasons. When that appearance fell…

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“All I Wanna Do is Make it to Santa Monica Boulevard” (apologies to Sheryl Crow)

By Mitch | May 18, 2024

Well….we made it! We woke this morning had breakfast and headed out from Arcadia to the Petersen Car Museum (on the must do list for all of us) via I-210 and 60. It was typical LA traffic and we had…

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Insights on “Must Do” on Route 66 and Their Outcomes

By Mike | May 18, 2024

This trip of the Cousins 3 (C3) was a full year in planning.  One of the early decisions was to make it a fundraising project combined with a fun road trip.  All our efforts on both aspects have been rewarding,…

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MAY 17: Petersen Museum, Santa Monica Pier, END OF THE LINE! 

By John | May 18, 2024

On this last day of our trip, we chanced to meet Dr. Roger Clemens, a research physician with many interests and teaching credentials, whose career cannot be summed up succinctly here. Suffice it to say, he was very interested in…

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Barstow, The Mojave Desert, & The San Gabriel Mountains

By Mitch | May 17, 2024

Today we left Barstow and started the next to last leg of our journey. We gassed up before hitting the highway. Upon seeing the per gallon price I had gas! We got off the highway before San Bernadino to take…

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MAY 16: Barstow to Arcadia, CA via Killer Roads: did they Kill the Cousins???! 

By John | May 17, 2024

This one started out with a small disappointment: Barstow’s Route 66 Museum was to be our big thing, but it was CLOSED on Thursdays…surprise to us. SO, nothing else to do but drive.We left for Arcadia, California, where we reserved…

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Kingman, Barstow, San Bern….oh wait, not there yet!

By Mitch | May 16, 2024

Our day Wednesday started in Kingman at the Route 66 Museum in the Powerhouse. We met up with Joyce Wiley an administrative assistant at the museum and supporter of our cause for a photo shoot and introduction to the museum…

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