Insights on “Must Do” on Route 66 and Their Outcomes

This trip of the Cousins 3 (C3) was a full year in planning.  One of the early decisions was to make it a fundraising project combined with a fun road trip.  All our efforts on both aspects have been rewarding, but just as a reminder the fundraising for cystic fibrosis and for colorectal cancer causes…

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Insights from the First Week of C3 on Route 66

There is not much I can add to the blogs that Mitch and John have posted, but my focus has been trying to keep them entertained and happy. Both are very good at describing the highlights of our trip from their vantage point, baby boomer as it may be. However, there are some insights that…

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How a RING joined our CAUSES on Route 66

A blue sports car driving down the road.

This is not a story about a piston ring or a ring gear. It’s about a substitute for an engagement ring that only car enthusiasts will appreciate. You see, Brad was a self-proclaimed computer geek looking for something to get him away from sitting at a desk all day. Fortunately, he was inspired to make…

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